Head Rip Control 17 Tennis String in White

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Head RIP Control is not a typical control string. This isn't to say it lacks control. In fact, we experienced remarkable precision with this string. What makes it unique is that rather than being stiff like many control strings, RIP Control is packed with an army of shock absorbing nylon filaments. This partly explains why we found it so gentle on the arm. Also enhancing the comfort is Head's polyolefin ribbon construction, which consists of several firm wraps melded into a surprisingly pliable casing. The effect of these different parts, according to our team, is a feel that is decidedly muted, as opposed to being crisp. Regarding spin potential, one of our playtesters reported finding more than enough bite, while the other struggled a little to get a grip on the ball. Ultimately, RIP Control is not only ideal for dampening the shock and power of lighter, stiffer frames, but it's also a great option for the non-poly player who wants control without having to give away an ounce of comfort. Manufacturer SKU: 281349.51

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