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Dunlop Intro Squash Ball - Single-ATR Sports

Dunlop Intro Squash Ball - Single

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Dunlop Intro Squash Ball - Single (Single blue dot) The Dunlop Intro Squash Ball is a bigger-sized black squash ball for beginners. The Dunlop Intro Squash Ball is aimed at beginners and young juniors. It is 12% larger and has a 40% longer hang time than the Dunlop Pro Squash Ball. Squash balls come in six varieties, each with different levels of bounce. A blue dot squash ball has a fast bounce with very high speed (hang time) and is recommended for juniors and new players. When choosing a squash ball the temperature of the court, altitude of the court, your opponent's skill level and of course your skill level all play a part in determining which squash ball to use. Contact us to help you pick the right squash ball today!