Black Knight RAD Cushion Replacement Grip

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Black Knight RAD Cushion Replacement Grip
The Black Knight RAD Cushion Replacement Grip is Black Knight`s #1 replacement grip, and for good reasons – comfortably cushioned, Rad Cushion has exceptional, long lasting gripping properties for the most demanding players. Rad Cushion is the featured grip on most Black Knight high end squash racquets and many badminton models.

The Rad Cushion Replacement Grip provides a secure grip and great feel featuring two sections of grip that are sewn together. It provides exceptional gripping performance from dry to wet and ca definitely help you up your game.

Sold one per package, Rad Cushion is available in several 2-colour combinations as well as solid white and solid black with an 1.8mm thickness, self-adhesive back, and will fit all tennis, badminton and squash racquets.

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