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Harrow Bancroft Executive Squash Racquet (Black)
[Description] Other doubles are classic. The Executive weighs in at a hefty 160 grams but has an even balance of 360 mm to make it feel much lighter. The extra weight gives the player additional power without the need for...
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Harrow Bancroft Players Special Squash Racquet in Red
[Description] Some things never go out of style. Medium weight at 150 grams and slightly head heavy, the NEW DESIGN Players Special is a classic doubles frame in the Bancroft tradition that combines the stiffness you need to fight off the tough...
Harrow Blade Squash Racquet in Forest/White
[Description] A Harrow original from 2000, the Blade has undergone many composition and cosmetic improvements over the years. It remains a doubles favorite with cult following. It’s ultra-stiff frame and power will continue to stand the test of time. [Specs]...
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Harrow Clutch Squash Racquet, Amanda Sobhy "Beast" Custom in Teal/Yellow/White
[Description] The Clutch Beast is the newest addition to our Custom Pro Series. Designed and used by WSA Top 10 and 14-time WSA Champion Amanda Sobhy, The Beast has the perfect combination of weight and balance to allow Amanda, and...
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Harrow Junior Squash Tennis Racquet with 1/2 Cover-Pink/Purple
[Description] The Harrow Junior Squash racquet is a great tool for the young beginner to learn the game. A sturdy weight of 155 grams and an even balance provide the perfect combination of power and feel as they work their...
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Harrow M-140 Squash Racquet in Black/Red/White
[Description] The M-140 is one of our top selling doubles frame of all time and remains a stalwart in our Player Performance line. A larger head size provides extra forgiveness on off center hits. While perfectly suitable for a bigger...
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Harrow Misfit Vapor Squash Racquet in Black/Purple
 [Description]Sometimes a custom racquet design transcends the club it was intended for. The Misfit Vapor is a prime example of this phenomenon. Intended for one of the world’s preeminent private clubs the Misfit has gone mainstream. Form meets fashion as...
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Harrow Pro Racquet Bag in Navy/Silver
Harrow Pro Racquet Shoulder Bag Navy/Silver The Harrow Pro Racquet Shoulder Bag features ample space and functionality for all types of equipment. The bag is constructed with durable 800 denier material and comes with three individual compartments for all of...
Harrow Renegade Squash Racquet in Grey/Red/Black
[Description] The teardrop shape of the Renegade gives players of all levels the larger and longer sweet spot and power they desire. Less effort is needed to drive the ball consistently with the additional flex in this frame. [Specs] Strung...
Harrow Response Marwan El Shorbagy Squash Racquet
[Description] Introducing the all-new Response Marwan El Shorbagy Custom Squash Racquet, designed and used by the current World No. 6. The Response features a teardrop design for increased power without sacrificing control and stability. It is aerodynamic through the swing...
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Harrow Shock Squash Tennis Racquet in Black/Yellow
[Description] A revamped and redesigned version of the popular Game Improvement Series, the Clash. A great racquet for beginners and intermediate players. Added headweight in an even-balanced and flexible frame gives the fledgling player all of the power and control...
Harrow Silk Squash Racquet in Black/Blue/Lime
[Description] A Player Performance Power frame with the optimum weight and balance gives the Silk a head light feel. A long teardrop sweet spot, impressive power and quick maneuverability highlight this frame. [Specs] Strung with T200 Weight: 145g Balance: 360mm...
Harrow Spark Squash Racquet 2020 Edition (Black/Royal)
[Description] The NEW 2020 Edition Harrow Spark Squash Racquet is a longstanding frame in our Player Performance Control Series. Comes in a Black/Royal. [Specs] Strung with Barrage Pro String  Weight: 135 g Balance: 375 mm [SKU] 65960602
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Harrow Spark Squash Racquet Samantha Cornett Signature 2020 (Black/Multi Colour)
[Description] The NEW 2020 Edition Harrow Spark Squash Racquet Samantha Cornett model is a longstanding frame in our Player Performance Control Series. Comes in a Black/multicolor. [Specs] Strung with Barrage Pro String  Weight: 135 g Balance: 375 mm   [SKU] C65821382...
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Harrow Stealth Ultralite Squash Racquet in Black/Carolina
[Description] A newer addition to our Player Performance Line, the Stealth Ultralite utilizes the same mold as the Vapor with a convex head for added strength and stiffness without forgoing any of the high performance you’d expect in a lightweight...
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Harrow Stellar Squash Racquet in Navy/Silver
[Description] Quickly becoming a favorite on both the singles and doubles courts, the Stellar has the same larger head size and playing characteristics as the M-140 in a slightly more even balanced frame with convex inside head for additional stiffness....
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Harrow Tarek Momen Signature Reflex Squash Racquet
[Description] The Reflex 125 is the newest addition to the ever growing collection of Custom Pro squash racquets. This racquet was designed, playtested and perfected by perennial PSA World Top 10 player, Tarek Momen. The lightweight teardrop design provides an...
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Harrow Vapor Prep Squash Racquet in Pink/Lime/White
[Description] IT’S BACK! One of our most popular sellers of all time is back and better than ever. The Vapor Prep is everything you’d expect in our bestselling Vapor model with the added bonus of the classic pink and lime...
Harrow Vapor Squash Racquet Edition (Royal/Yellow)
[Description] Redefining the way squash racquets were made since its inception, the Vapor remains our bestselling racquet of all time. The Vapor’s superior blend of power and control makes it the obvious choice for top PSA pros and club players...
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Harrow Vapor Ultralite Squash Racquet in White/Royal/Yellow
[Description] How is it possible to improve your best selling racquet? You make it 5 grams lighter with the same unparalleled Vapor performance and playability. The Vapor Ultralite is the newest, lightest weapon in our line that will surely be...
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Harrow Vapor XX Squash Racquet Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Black/Black
[Description]A stealthy spin on Harrow's most infamous racquet, check out the limited edition, all-black Harrow Vapor XX!With a strung weight of 140 grams, this is actually an incredibly light racquet, most racquet's weights are calculated unstrung, but Harrow are known...
Harrow Vestige Old School Style Squash Racquet in Black/White/Grey
[Description] Take your finely tuned skills to the court with this Harrow Old School Style racquet. Heavy in weight, this squash racquet generates power itself, while the small head demands accuracy in every shot. For the long time squash players,...
Harrow Vibe Squash Racquet (Lime/Black)
[Description] The NEW Vibe is the racquet used by World Champion and World No. 2 Karim Abdel Gawad. It is a lightweight, even-balanced frame that has the perfect flexibility to increase your shot making and power. Incredible maneuverability makes this...
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Harrow Vibe Squash Racquet, Custom Karim Abdel Gawad in Black/Vegas
[Description] The Vibe is the racquet used by World Champion and World No. 2 Karim Abdel Gawad. It is a lightweight, even-balanced frame that has the perfect flexibility to increase your shot-making and power. Incredible maneuverability makes this the racquet of...
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