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Babolat Satelite Gravity 78 (Green) Badminton Racquet
[Description] THE RACKET WITH SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED DWELL TIME. The ultra-light SATELITE GRAVITY 78 provides highly flexible movement and unbelievable maneuverability. Its mere 78g do not prevent it from effortlessly delivering smashes. SLIM T technology amplifies the racket speed due to...
Babolat XACT Infinity Blast S Badminton Racquet
[Description]Babolat X-Act Infinity Blast takes the powerful performance of the X-Feel Blast and combines it with a more forgiving shaft and bigger head to offer maximum power. The 3U weight and head-heavy balance ensure that you always plenty of power...
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Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racquet
[Description] LIGHTWEIGHT AND EXTREMELY MANEUVERABLE: THIS RACKET GIVES THE PLAYER FULL FREEDOM. The SATELITE GRAVITY 74 is the lightest racket in the range, weighing just 74g. It is extremely comfortable and very forgiving of off-centre shots. Also equipped with SLIM...
$199.99 $149.99
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Babolat Satelite Lite TJ Badminton Racquet
[Description]The SATELITE LITE has the thinnest shaft on the market with a diameter of just 6.5mm! Optimal air penetration which is perfect for defensive players looking for improved maneuverability in a racket. An exceptional racket for defensive players seeking versatility...

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