Yonex VCORE Duel G97 Tennis Racquet

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Yonex VCORE Duel G97 Tennis Racquet DESCRIPTION Tough G Fiber adds more flex and repulsion in the shaft for a heavier spin for hard hitting players. Used by Stan Wawrinka Created by YONEX in 1980, the ISOMETRIC head shape is a unique and evolutionary breakthrough technology in racquet design. In conventional racquets, the sweet spot is located where main strings and cross strings meet. The YONEX ISOMETRIC head shape allows us to increase the number of main and cross strings that meet in the centre of the racquet to produce a sweet spot which gives a 7% more effective hitting area for you to make match winning shots. The deeper grooves in the 3D Vector Shaft improve racquet stiffness and reduce twisting of the frame for 20% more face stability than a conventional racquet* - delivering precise control at impact and greater bite for the most efficient transfer of power. TOUGH G FIBER is incorporated into the shaft. 3 times more flexible than CARBON NANOTUBE, TOUGH G FIBER provides high repulsion for a heavier and powerful spin. The new system on the grommets has more holes towards the top of the frame as well as the grooves to lock the string, crushing the ball and producing more spin. The Super Cushion Grip minimizes vibration. The cushioning performance of the grip helps protect the wrist, forearm and elbow against shock-induced injuries. SPECS: Head Size: 97 sq.in. Weight: 310g/10.9oz Length: 27 in. Width Range: 20.0mm / 20.0mm / 20.0mm Balance Point: 310mm Material: H.M. Graphite, BLACK MICRO CORE, Tough G Fiber Colour: Black/Orange Stringing Pattern: 16/20 Stringing Advice: 50-65 lbs