Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racquet

by Yonex
The EZONE 98 has persisted through three different generations (designated by the acronyms Xi, Ai and DR respectively). The 2017 version of the EZONE 98 faces an uphill battle, and not just because Yonex failed to give it a fancy two-letter code. It comes on the heels of the EZONE DR 98, which was an exceptionally responsive and uniquely forgiving modern player's racquet — think Babolat Pure Drive, but softer and with better ball pocketing at impact. According to our playtest team, this update is not as plush as the DR version. It felt decidedly firmer, especially at the tip of the racquet where the feedback was a little "boardy." On the upside, the majority of our team was able to play very effective tennis with the EZONE 98 (305g). Although there were some minor issues with control, the EZONE 98 (305g) proved more powerful and spin friendly than the previous generation, which made it a tad more dangerous on full swings. Our playtesters' highest score was awarded for serves, where this stick whipped powerfully through contact to yield impressive targeting. Ultimately, the new EZONE 98 (305g) is not for everyone. Some players are likely to prefer the softer, more muted feel of the DR, while others will definitely appreciate the firmer and more powerful response provided by this update. Manufacturer SKU: 17ez98yx