Prince TeXtreme Beast Pro 100 LB Tennis Racquet

Grip Size

The second generation of Textreme weaves Twaron directly into the graphite/Textreme matrix. Like Kevlar, Twaron is an Aramid, designed to enhance dampening along with improving the sound of impact. Named the Textreme Beast Pro 100 Long body, at 27.5", is built to Isner's specs making it both heavier and longer than the standard Beast 100. At roughly 12 ounces strung, this racquet provides dangerous levels of power and spin for those who can deploy its mass.

  • Head Size: 100in²/645cm²
  • Weight: 320g/11.3oz unstung
  • Balance: 31.0cm/12.2in 12 pts.HL
  • Swing Weight: 314
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Cross Section: 24-26-23mm
  • Length: 27in/68.6cm
  • Composition: 100% Graphite/TeXtreme/Twaron
  • Available Grip Size: 1-4
  • Grip: ResiPro
  • 7T49U891