Black Knight Ion Storm Squash Racquet

Black Knight Ion Storm Squash Racquet The Ion Storm Squash Racquet was designed for former World Champion and 3 time British Open Champion David Palmer. Palmer used the Ion Storm to win the British Open in 2008. Designed for advanced to professional players and suitable for both singles and doubles, this racquet is balanced towards the head for more power, while the stiff flex rating ensures a very controlled hit. It features Black Knight’s Nano Crystalline Technology (NCT), an additive incorporated into the Xtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG) fibres to reduce vibration and bind the fibres for added durability. It comes strung with Ashaway PowerNick 18 for hard hitting performance and has Black Knight’s Rad Cushion Grip for superior grip control. Frame: NCT, XMG, Rad Cushion grip String: PowerNick 18 String Tension: 26 lbs with PowerNick 18 Rigidity (RF): 93 AFW: 135g DW: 140 Balance: Head heavy Speed: 8.5 Power: 9 Control: 9.5 Area: 475