Babolat Pure Drive Team Tennis Racquet (Stringing Avail)

brand Babolat
Grip Size
The Pure Drive Team offers the spin, power and precision of the standard Pure Drive but in a slightly lighter, more manageable package. At 10.7 ounces strung and boasting a 316RDC swingweight, the Pure Drive Team is perfectly weighted for the intermediate player who craves speed but also wants moderate plow-through for battling against higher levels of pace. Although this racquet swings noticeably heavier than the Pure Drive Lite, it still holds appeal for beginners, especially if they want a racquet that will stay relevant as they rise into the intermediate ranks. For 2018, Babolat updates this racquet with FSI Power Technology which includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing for a noticeable boost in comfort, power and spin. This racquet also features a revised Cortex dampening system that uses specialized rubber to provide greater dampening - a welcomed feature considering this racquet's stiff beam. From the baseline, the Pure Drive Team feels fast, crisp, and lively. The open 16x19 string pattern not only provides the needed bite for spin, but it launches the ball higher than the previous generation for easier depth. Topspin players who like to hit high arching balls that drop hard and explode off the court should have a blast with this stick. At net, the Pure Drive Team glides into position with impressive ease while also offering above average stability for its weight class. Finally, players looking to serve more aggressively should find enough precision to swing for power. Ultimately, with some nice updates to the feel and response, the 2018 edition of the Babolat Pure Drive Team remains a great option for the player who wants a more user-friendly entry point into the spin, power and precision of the Pure Drive universe. Manufacturer SKU: 101238-L0