Babolat Pure Aero + Tennis Racquet

by Babolat
Packed with power, spin and plow-through, the 2018 Pure Drive Tour Plus is a great option for strong intermediates or advanced level players. At 11.7 ounces strung and boasting a 328 swingweight, the Tour Plus is the heaviest and most stable member of the Pure Drive family. At 27.5" long, this stick will give you extra momentum for redirecting heavy pace or driving the ball powerfully through the court. It also provides bigger spin and easier depth than its predecessor thanks to the addition of FSI Power Technology, which features diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing. This update features a redeisgned Cortex dampening system with a viscoelastic rubber material for a more muted and comfortable feel. On groundstrokes, this stick not only feels solid at impact, but it also swings fast for its specs. The upshot is an explosive feeling racquet that moves seamlessly from defensive scrambling to cranking winners on the run. Like other members of the 2018 Pure Drive clan, the Tour Plus has a high launch angle, making it especially dangerous in hands of those who like hitting heavy, spin-loaded balls that drop hard. At net, the Tour Plus comes around plenty fast while also feeling quite stable against pace. Block volleys come off the racquet with easy depth and overheads are lethal. The extended length is a blessing on serves, where this stick packs a knock-out punch. Ultimately, with its juicy levels of power and spin combined with a more muted feel, Babolat has produced an impressive update to the Pure Drive Tour Plus. Manufacturer SKU: 101254-142