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Here are the details on how the program works!

Ever wanted to test out a racquet before you committed to purchasing one? Well here is your chance!

ATR is happy to introduce a demo program for our customers! Here’s how it all works….

  • Come on into our store to see our selection of demo racquets for squash, tennis, or badminton
  • Fill in our demo request registration form
  • Select up to 3 racquets you want to demo
  • Demo fee is $15 for up to 3 racquets for a max of 3 business days
  • $15 Credit toward the purchase of a racquet (within 30 days from return date)

This is a popular program and ATR has a limited number of demo racquets – you may be placed on a wait list for a particular racquet to be returned. If there is a specific racquet that you are looking for please contact the store in advance to understand where it may be available.

All demo’s must be returned in 3 days or a late fee will be charged as outlined in the registration form.

The late fees are as follows:

  • After 3 business days we contact you about the racquets being due and a fee of $5.00 day per racquet for up to 11 additional days will be charged
  • After 14 business days from when the racquets are due ATR will bill the balance of the retail cost to your credit card. (example: Racquet has a cost of $249 – $15 (demo fee) – $55(11 days x $5)=$179 plus applicable taxes will be charged to your credit card.

Feel free to contact our store if you have any other questions!