Karakal BX-130 GEL Squash Racquet

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Karakal BX-130 GEL Squash Racquet Over the years Karakal have produced many different rackets, some of these were hugely popular but as technologies and styles change and Karakal had to move with the times! Karakal has however bowed to the demand this season and are bringing back the Karakal BX-130 GEL Squash Racquet, one of their most well regarded frames from recent years updated with new technologies and new artwork. It comes with our Inner and Outer Muscle Tec String system which dramatically improves the control and power in the frame, making even off centre hits feel like the middle of the sweet spot. With its closed throat section and 365mm balance point this frame has excellent stability. 130gms Frame Weight Superlight Nano Titanium Gel 'A' Power Shaft Inner & Outer Muscle System Midplus Head 470 sq cms 365mm Balance Point Fan String Pattern Full Racket Cover Fitted with the World's No. 1 PU Super Grip Also available as a Matched Pair Head Size 470 sq.cm Superlight Nano Titanium Gel    Features: Nano Superlight Resin Inner muscle system Muscle Tec Stringing Groove Power System 'A' Power Mono-Shaft Full Racket Cover One Piece Construction