Head Graphene 360 Speed LITE Tennis Racquet

Grip Size
Head updates the lightest member of the Speed family and the result is a racquet that is sure to be a hit with beginner and intermediate players that are looking for a fast swinging, lightweight racquet that they can grow with. Like past generations, the Speed Lite is also a great choice for junior players that are making the move into an adult length frame. Weighing in at 9.3 ounces (265 grams) unstrung, the Speed Lite is extremely maneuverable from all areas of the court. It's lightweight design also means that players will be able to generate racquet head speed with ease and get balls deep into their opponent's side of the court. Thanks to the addition of Graphene 360 in the racquets shaft as well as at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock in head, this racquet is surprisingly solid for its weight. An even unstrung balance means that there is more than enough plow through to put decent pop on the ball and the 16x19 string pattern will help even those new to the game with generating spin.

Weight(g): 265 g / 9.3 oz
String pattern: 16/19
Head size: 645 cm² / 100 in²
Balance: 340 mm / even
Length: 685 mm / 27.0 in
Beam: 25 mm
Grip size:0-5