Tecnifibre Air Endurance 12R Squash Bag

The Tecnifibre Air Endurance 12R is a robust, spacious racket bag. The latest and most innovative features such as the 'All In One Carrying System', 'Speed Ventilation' and the 'Rip Stop Fabric' are all brought together in this excellent quality bag. This practical bag has 3 main compartments, one of which is equipped with 'Speed Ventilation' that prevents bad smells in the bag. These ingenious air ventilation openings guarantee optimal air circulation and make this compartment very suitable for storing your sweaty sportswear after game. The bottom of the bag has a separate shoe compartment and on both sides there are small zipper pockets for accessories. The “squash box” is a handy detail: this foam-made box has the exact dimensions for three balls and your protective eyewear. The box itself fits exactly in the pocket at the top of the bag. The Tecnifibre Air Endurance 12R is made of the so-called 'Rip Stop Fabric', a strong, ultra-light and water-repellent material that optimally protects your squash equipment. The innovative 'All In One Carrying System' ensures that the Tecnifibre Air Endurance 12R is very comfortable to carry, both over one shoulder as a backpack and in the hand. The padded shoulder straps are provided with a kind of notches to maximize comfort. Manufacturer SKU: 40airend12