About Dunlop

Dunlop is a British manufacturer of sporting goods that has been in business since 1910. Dunlop squash racquets are the choice of top PSA (Professional Squash Association) professionals like Nick Matthew and Gregory Gaultier and they are listed as the official racquet and ball of PSA tournaments.

Dunlop racquets feature numerous technological advancements including  4 directional braiding which enhances racket stability and control. 4D Braided material is constructed using four braided fibres of superlight composite fibres wrapped in an alloy sheath.

Their racquets also feature Dunlop’s Aerobridge system – an injection moulded polymer sleeve that encloses the bridge of the racket and incorporates a specially engineered mix of braided carbon fibres combined with Dunlop Aerogel technology. This polymer softens the frame around the main strings that create the sweet spot of the racket and helps to dampen string vibration and enhances frame response.

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